Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) helps all kinds of people. It’s used to help patients suffering from sports injuries, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, infections, arthritis and a huge range of other medical conditions. HBOT is also used by biohackers and anyone with a systems-thinking approach to bettering their own biology because of the real benefits for our general health and wellness too.

As we all know, oxygen is vital for life, and life cannot exist without it. It follows that oxygen is essential for effective healing and recovery. During HBOT, you enter a state-of- the-art chamber where you breathe pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. These conditions enable 10-15 times more oxygen to be taken in by your lungs and dissolved into your blood.

A good analogy is this: if you try to dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in a cold glass of water, it will only partly dissolve. Warm up the water and all the sugar will dissolve. This is what happens to oxygen under pressure. The extra oxygen in your body will boost your energy, fitness and general well-being and enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.